April 29: Food Log

M1: 1 piece of cinnamon and rasin toast w/ light cream cheese & 1 cup sliced strawberries
M2: Green Apple
M3: Subway Turkey Sub (clearly im addicted)
M4: 1/2 bagel w/ earth balance “butter” spread
M5: i fell asleep at 6:00 pm and just woke up now at 3:00 am soo … didnt get any  dinner really ; im eating an apple now though if that counts ?

April 28 & 29 : Food Log


M1: Greek yogurt w. fruit , scrambled eggs and tea
M2: lara bar
M3: cauliflower crust pizza w/ tomato sauce abd diya cheese
M4: Grapefruit
M5: subway turkey sub on honey and oat, lettuce, mustard, subsauce, cheese and pickles


M1: scrambled eggs  and bombshell spell
M2: yogurt
M3: small turkey sub (same as yesterday)
M4: starbucks tall soy half sweet green tea latte
M5: chipotle veggie bowl 

April 24: Food Log

M1: Scrambled Egg Whites & Whole Wheat English Muffin

M2: Vanilla Yogurt w/ berries 

M3: small veggie and bean burrito (no cheese , no sour cream) 

M4: Green Apple w/ lemon and honey

M5: greek salad w/ chicken 

April 23: Food Log

M1: Kashi Honey Almond Flax Cereal w/ almond milk ; Bombshell Spell

M2: Deli Turkey,Carrots and Berries 

M3: Scrambled Eggs & Whole Wheat Englsih Muffin (clearly in a breakfast mood)

M4: vanilla brown rice protein shake 

M5: Subway Small Turkey sub on oat and honey bread w/ mustard lettuce cheese and onion and pickles

April 18: Food Log

M1: oatmeal w/berries
M2: tea
M3: chicken breast w/jerk seasoning & mango
M4: mcflurry (treat of the week , no regrets lol)
M5: vegan chicken fingers & spinach salad

April 17: Food Log

M1:1/2 12 Grain Bagel w/ light cream cheese

M2: Zico

M3: Whole Grain Pasta w/ veggie tomato sauce 

M4: Grapefruit w/stevia

M5:Small Caesar Salad & Sweet fries 

April 14: Food Log

M1: bomshell spell meta-d drink & egg white on a whole grain english muffin & greek yogurt with berries 

M2: Peppermint tea

M3: Flatbread pizza w/ vegan cheese , homemade brushetta ; 2 pineapple slices 

M4: Pear 

M5: chicken breast , Roasted potatoes, cucumbers w/ balsamic vinegar

M6: late night at the bar with some friends had 3 fried pickles (my weakness)

April 13: Food Log

M1: Greek Yogurt w/ strawberries mint & stevia , bombshell spell meta-d

M2: 1/2 cucumber 

M3: Small salmon filet & Mixed green salad

M4: luna bar 

M5: 1 peice of garlic bread ( i was starving at work) and  a grilled halibut filet 

M6: a few pieces of movie theatre popcorn

April 12: Food Log

M1: Oatmeal w/ mixed berries and bombshell spell 

M2: fruit salad 

M3: office party: 2 mini turkey sandwiches on 12 grain bread w/ lettuce and mustard; oil and vinegar coleslaw, 3 pickles , 1/2 chocolate chip cookie

M4: berry smoothie

M5: spinach salad w/oranges and walnuts and balsamic ; small slice of brushetta pizza 

M6: tea w/ almond milk and stevia 

April 11: Food Log

M1: whole wheat english muffin w/ light cream cheese & bombshell spell 

M2: 1/2 Lara Bar , Plum blueberries and 1/2 a cucumber 

M3: 1/2 veggie burito on whole what tortilla 

M4: yogurt w/ berries , 1/2 a toasted 12 grain bagel (because i was really dizzy)

M5: a few slices of deli turkey , a few strawberries and cucumber (feeling really sick not hungry at all)

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