Getting My Shit Together Today

Life has felt really crazy and out of control lately , so today im going to do a lot to get back on track. Especially since school is done and i was off work for 2 weeks i feel strange , like i have nothing to do / worry about ! So here is my list of things to do today:

  • apply to internships to do on my day off during the week
  • register for the web design course @ OCAD 
  • re-do my resume & cover letter
  • start designing my personal / work website 
  • clean my room / get rid of junk (so when i move out soon its less work)
  • pack my lunch / snack for work tomorrow 
  • go to the gym (abs and arms day)

hopefully being back at work 4 days a week helps me feel like a have some sort of routine and keeps me busy and my mind of the crazy shit going on at home. Hope everyone has a wonderful and productive day ! :) 

After getting my tattoo..

I havent been able to go to the gym because my foot is really sensitive to any rubbing etc. but i think today im finally going to get back in there ! Feels weird not going for 3 days after going everday for the past week and a half. got a good rest though so i should be able to go all out today :) 

Rainy Lazy Day

My new tattoo is extremely sore and shoes really aren’t even possible to put on now since its so sensitive ; so todays going to be a rest and ill be skipping the gym… which is totally cool since ive worked out everyday so far. Im about to start studying for my LAST exam before i graduate college and watch a movie , the iron lady, with my puppy all snuggled up with me. just made an egg white and whole wheat english muffin sandwich bor breakfast , todays going good so far :)

just ate and im already hungry !

I literally just finished eating a huge (but healthy) dinner and my stomach is already growling… i have a love hate relationship with my fast metabolism !

just got a membership to the gym !

Now that school is basically over and i can commit to going frequently i decided to just go for it and sign up. its the gym at my community center but its so nice ; it is 100 times upgrade from the gym i used to go to. And , just my luck there was a 50 dollar credit on my account (its the same account i used to sign up for swimming when i was a kid) dont know why its there but it was so mu entire summer membership was under 120 dollars ! score :) 

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